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ZN63-12 Indoor High Voltage Fixed Vacuum Circuit Breaker 210MM VCB

ZN63(VSI)-12 series indoor high-voltage solid vacuum circuit breaker, introduces innovative solid insulation and epoxy sealing tech.
It integrates the vacuum interrupter, main conductive loop, and insulation support into a solid-sealed pole, resolving environmental tolerance issues.
The breakthrough patented ventilation tech tackles heat dissipation concerns. Moreover, the ZN63(VS1)-12 series is China's first maintenance-free breaker, featuring a high-life vacuum interrupter, epoxy casting, and reliable permanent magnet operation.
It uses photoelectric proximity switches and electronic power supply for hassle-free operation.
Certificate: CE,Test reports
Production time: 7~ 12 working days
Warranty period: 12 Months

ZN63-12 Indoor High Voltage Fixed Vacuum Circuit Breaker 210MM VCB

Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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