•   24KV Epoxy Resin Insulated Embedded Poles Vacuum Interrupter for Vacuum Breakers
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24KV Epoxy Resin Insulated Embedded Poles Vacuum Interrupter for Vacuum Breakers

Model: EP24/1250-31.5, EP24/1600-31.5


Main advantages
Safe and reliable, able to meet operational requirements under special conditions
Over 22 years of manufacturing experience
Brand vacuum arc extinguishing chamber and fixed sealing pole
Complete solutions, convenient ordering, and easy installation
Certificate: CE,Test reports
Production time: 7~ 12 working days
Warranty period: 12 Months
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  • parameter name parameter
    Rated voltage 24kV
    Rated current 1250/1600A
    Rated frequency 50Hz
    Rated short-duration power frequency withstand voltage (1min) 65/79kV
    Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage 125kV
    Rated short-circuit breaking current 31.5kA
    Rated peak withstand current 80KA
    Rated short-circuit making current (peak value) 80KA
    Rated short-circuit breaking current breaking times 30 times
    Rated back-to-back capacitor bank breaking current* 400A
    Rated single capacitor bank breaking current* 630A
    Rated short-time withstand current 31.5kA
    Mechanical life 30000 times
    Contact self-closing force 100±30N
    Contact reaction force at rated opening distance 200±30N
    Loop resistance at lower limit of rated working pressure ≤25μΩ
    Storage period 20 years
    Contact allowable wear thickness 3mm
    Moving part weight ≤2kg

    Mechanical parameters of the matched vacuum switch

    parameter name parameter
    Contact distance 12±1mm
    Rated contact travel 4±1mm
    Average opening speed 1.1±0.2m/s
    Average closing speed 0.8±0.2m/s
    Rated contact pressure 2500±200N
    Contact closing bounce time ≤2ms
    Contact opening rebound amplitude ≤2mm
    Different phases of opening and closing of contacts ≤2ms
    Note: * is the rated value provided upon request
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