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  •   12KV AC Metal-enclosed Ring Main Unit Switchgear XGN15-12
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12KV AC Metal-enclosed Ring Main Unit Switchgear XGN15-12

Model: XGN15-12


The sulfur hexafluoride switch, a key component of the XGN15-12 AC Metal-enclosed Ring Main Unit Switchgear, offers air insulation and distribution automation. Compact, expandable, and sensor-equipped, it adapts to diverse environments and user needs. Compatible with various switch types, it operates reliably within specified altitudes, temperatures (-15°C to +40°C), and humidity levels. Its compartmentalized structure ensures safety, fault isolation, and simplified maintenance, meeting stringent industry standards.
  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • Sulfur hexafluoride switch is the master switch of AC Metal- enclosed switchgear of XGN15-12. The switchgear is air insulated and suitable for distribution automation. It is compact and extensible with simple structure, flexible operation, reliable operation and easy installation. It can be used in different places and meet the requirements of different users. It adopts sensor technology, latest microcomputer protection, advanced technical function and flexible assembly plan. All of these make it meet the changing demands of the market. The master switch could be FLN36 type and FLN48 type, SF6 load switch and ABB original SFG type. We could also use ABB original VD4/S, HD4/S and VS1 circuit breaker according to the users' demand.

    Working condition

    O Altitude: ≤1000m O Ambient temperature: -15°C -+40°C O Relative humidity: Daily average≤95% ;monthly average relative humidity≤90% O The surrounding air is free from corrosive gas and water vapour. O Not applicable in the place with frequent violent vibrations.

    Structural feature

    It consists of bus- bar compartment, load switch with three working positions or circuit breaker compartment, cable compartment, operation mechanism, interlocking device, low voltage control compartment, measuring or counter circuit and so on. Every compartment is separated by steel plate to avoid the influence of fault part. It complies with technical requirements of GB3906/IEC298. O Bus-bar compartment It is in the upper portion of the switchgear. In this compartment, the main bus-bar connects together, which is horizontal layout for easy stretch. O Load switch compartment In the switchgear, there is a load switch with two or three working position. The cover of switch is made from epoxy resin. SF6 gas is flleld in this compartment as the medium for arc extinction and insulation. Two transparent plastic covers by hot pressing are placed in the outlet of the shaft. From these covers, we could see the state of contact. SF6 gas density meter can be set up according to the customer’s demand. O Cable compartment This compartment is used for cable connection to connect one- -core cable with the simplest unshielded cable head. There is also surge arrester, current transformer, earthing switch and many other components in this enough space. According to the standard of switchgear, observation window and safety interlock are installed on the panel. There is sealed cap and cable clamp with support on the baseboard. O Operation mechanism, interlock device and low voltage controller The low voltage compartment with interlocking device can also be used as control panel. There is spring operating mechanism with position indicator and mechanical interlocking device in the low voltage compartment. Auxiliary contact, breaking coil, emergency trip mechanism, capacitance type live display, lock with keys and electric operation mechanism can be installed in the low voltage compartment. And at the same time, there is still space for control circuit, metering device and protect relay. In the switchgear of 750mm type, there are two same low voltage compartments for more components.



  • No. Item Unit Data
    XGN15-12(F)                   XGN15-12(F.R)
    1 Rated voltage KV 12
    2 Rated frequency Hz 50
    3 Rated insulation level 1 min power frequency withstand voltage KV To earth and phase to phase 42;Fracture 48
    Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) KV To earth and phase to phase 75;Fracture 85
    4 Rated current of main bus bar A 630
    5 Rated current A 630 125
    6 Rated breaking current loop A 630
    7 Rated active load current breaking current A 630
    8 Rated charging breaking current A 10
    9 Rated transfer current A 1700
    10 No-load transformer breaking capacity KVA 1600
    11 Rated making current (peak KA 63
    12 Rated short time withstand current (2s) KA 25
    13 Rated peak withstand current KA 63
    14 Rated short circuit breaking current KA
    15 Peak withstand current of ground loop KA 63 31.5 (expected)
    16 Short time withstand current of ground loop (2s KA 25
    17 Fuse type S□LAJ
    18 Auxiliary circuit voltage V DC220、110、AC220、110
    19 Profection IP3X
    20 Mechanical life Load switch Times 5000
    Earthing switch Times 2000
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