12KV Distribution Cabinets Metal-clad Switchgear KYN28-12KV

The KYN28-12KV removable AC metal-clad switchgear, crafted through advanced foreign technology, caters to 3.6~12KV, 3-phase AC50Hz networks. Its robust design withstands diverse environmental challenges, featuring impeccable prevention against misoperation. The panel, designed for varied configurations, embodies an enclosed, armored structure with exceptional build quality, utilizing precision CNC machining for improved strength. Its features include arc-proof design, interlocking safety measures, and a comprehensive protection system meeting stringent standards and passing rigorous tests, including electromagnetic compatibility and plateau tests at 3000m altitude.

12KV Distribution Cabinets Metal-clad Switchgear KYN28-12KV

Earthing Switch

Shutter Mechanism

Guide Rail

Cable Clamps

Static Contact

Auxiliary Switch

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