•   Shutter Mechainsm Interlocking For 12kv High Voltage Switchgear Component 5YF.320.010/1ZS
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Shutter Mechainsm Interlocking For 12kv High Voltage Switchgear Component 5YF.320.010/1ZS

Model: 5YF.320.010/1ZS


The Shutter mechanism in the high-voltage switchgear is a specialized shielding device used to protect and control high-voltage equipment, mainly composed of shading plates, transmission devices, electronic control devices, etc. High voltage switchgear plays an important role in the power system, protecting the safe and reliable operation of the power system, and Shutter mechanism plays a very important role in it. It can prevent arc generation and explosion, control the direction of current flow, and play a protective role in the stability and performance of electrical equipment operation.
Shutter mechanism features fast response, high stability, and high sensitivity, enabling precise control and protection, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of high-voltage switchgear.
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  • To better protect maintenance personnel, the company's original center cabinet KYN28 shuttr mechanism has been optimized to increase the self- _locking function. When the handcart is pulled out of the cabinet, maintenance personnel in the maintenance, you can leave the door locked. blocking the contact box and the stationary contact, avoid electrical shock coused by misuse. Based on KYN28 switchgear, this mechanism increases self- locking function. Here is the work process When the handcart is out of the cabinet, No.1 rotates counterclockwise around No.4 under the action of a tension spring, which makes No.3 slide to the right. And No.7 is blocked because of No.3. When the handcart is pushed into the cabinet, No.1 rotates clockwise around No 4 under the action of the handcart, which makes No.3 slide to the left. And No.7 will be unlocked and work properly.

    (II)Drawing of valve mechanism device 5 Y F.320.010/1ZS installation drawing

    ( II )Working Principal O No.3 arc plate locks the No.1 rollers on the left and right plate to realize self- interlock. O When VCB is moving from testing position to working position, the two side pusher of the VCB will press the upper down No.3 arc plate to rotate to the middle. So the self- -locking mechanism will be unlocked and the shutter mechanism will open normally. O When VCB is out, No.3 arc plate will be pressed by No.2 tension spring to lock No.1 roller and the shutter mechanism will be locked.



  • 1. It has high response speed and accuracy, which can avoid the generation of arcs and explosions, ensuring the stable operation of power equipment;
    2. Adopting high-precision transmission devices and electronic control technology to control the position and opening of the shading plate, achieving precise current control;
    3. By connecting to the high-voltage switchgear through a signal transmission system, remote control and monitoring can be achieved, improving intelligence and operational efficiency;
    4. It has the characteristics of high reliability and long service life, and can adapt to complex power system environments and application scenarios, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of equipment;
    5. It has good maintainability and usability, and can quickly carry out equipment maintenance and repair, improving operation and maintenance efficiency and safety.
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