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  •   12KV Indoor High and Medium Voltage Switchgear Earthing Switch JN17-12/50
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12KV Indoor High and Medium Voltage Switchgear Earthing Switch JN17-12/50

Model: JN17-12/50


The Earthing switch is a type of electrical switch that is used to connect or disconnect an electrical circuit from the ground. It is typically used to provide a safe path for electrical current to flow to the ground in the event of a fault or short circuit.
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    JN17-12/50 lOld type is JN15-12/50) Series indoor high voltage earthing switch is a new design and improved product based on the ES1 type. The structure is assembled and suitable for electric power system with 3~10KV, three -phase and AC 50(601Hz. As an earthing protection, it can be used in various kinds of HV switchgears. It meets GB1985 -2004 and IEC129 standard.

    Working condition

    O Ambient temperature: -10%C ~+40C ; O Altitude: ≤1000m; O Relative humidity: Daily average≤95%,Monthly average≤90% O Earthquake intensity:≤8 degree; O Dirtiness degree: II.


    Copper terminal block

    Hole location diagram


  • No. ltem Unit Data
    1 Rated voltage KV 12
    2 Rated short time withstand current KA 50
    3 Rated short circuit withstand time S 4
    4 Rated short circuit making current KA 100
    5 Rated peak withstand current KA 100
    6 Rated insulation level 1 min power frequency withstand voltage 42
    Lightning Impulse withstand voltage KV 75
    7 Mechanical life TIMES 2000
    Specification E F G H D
    JN17-12/50-210 210 50 185 655 516
    JN17-12/50-220 220 50 185 675 536
    JN17-12/50-230 230 50 185 695 556
    JN17-12/50-250 250 50 185 735 596
    JN17-12/50-275 275 50 210 810 646
    Order notes:Indicate product specification, central distance between poles, if the electric live displaylmodel number of display) needed or not. Please note the soft link length when ordering (normal L=250mm). Please consult US if you have any special request.
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