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  •   Electric High Voltage Switchgear Cabinet Cable Clamp
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Electric High Voltage Switchgear Cabinet Cable Clamp

Model: XL(90-150)/Large(75-95)/Medium(55-75)/Small(36-52)/XS(20-36)/XXS(13-25)


Cable Clamp is a device used for fixing cable bundles or cables. It is usually made of plastic material, which can effectively lock the wires and fix them inside the high-voltage cabinet. The Cable Clamp is easy to install and disassemble, and has good waterproof performance, providing long-lasting protection for high-voltage circuits. Its tight clamping force ensures that the wires will not loosen or move, and ensures the safety and reliability of high-voltage circuits.
  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • A Cable Clamp in a high voltage cabinet is a device used to secure and bundle cables within the cabinet. Typically constructed from plastic, the Cable Clamp effectively locks the wires in place and secures them within the high voltage cabinet. Easy to install and remove, the Cable Clamp provides an additional layer of waterproof protection for high voltage circuits. The secure clamping force ensures that the cables do not loosen or move, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the high voltage circuit.



  • Type Applicable cable Hole distance Screw size
    XL(90-150) 65×100 120 M14
    Large (75-95) 47×75 97 M14
    Medium (55-75) 36×60 82 M13
    Small (36-52) 35×52 74 M13
    XS(20-36) 23×41 60 M12
    XXS(13-25) 13×25 60 M12
    Note: Material ABS or PAS please specify when ordering.
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