•   31.5KV Indoor AC high voltage earthing switch DJN15-31.5
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31.5KV Indoor AC high voltage earthing switch DJN15-31.5

Model: DJN15-31.5


The Earthing switch is a type of electrical switch that is used to connect or disconnect an electrical circuit from the ground. It is typically used to provide a safe path for electrical current to flow to the ground in the event of a fault or short circuit.
  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • The controller of DJN15- -31.5 earthing switch can realize the control and protection of motor operating mechanism. If the electric mechanism has dffiulty in driving the motor, for example the installation is not in place or the mechanism is stuck, which reaches the protection condition, the controller can break the motor immediately and drive motor reversely to release the stuck state of the chassis.


    In order to adapt to the development of power switchgear, we developed the electric earthing switch which achieves national invention patent. To maintain the style and the relevant interlock of the original switchgear, the electric earthing switch adds motor operating mechanism on the basis of original earthing switch JN15, JN17, JN22B and JN22 series. It could maintain the characteristics of the original earthing switch and realize the electric operation of the earthing switch at the same time. And the electric and manual operation do not need to switch, which satisfies the requirement of programmed operation in the power system.

    Control logic

    O Electric open and dlose operation are alowed when the interlock signal is satisfied. O Entering into switch opening and closing instrution during switch opening and closing operation. the contoller will sill execute the original operation. O If the open / close buttons on the panel are pressed simultaneously or the interlock signal is invalid during switch opening and closing operation, the controller will stop the operation. O When the blocking rotation protection condition is satisfied, the blocking rotation protection protection current setting is set to 1A. O The time limit of electric opening and closing operation is 12s. When time is out and the tolly is not at the position, it needs to stop and alarm.

    Technical Parameters

    O Supply voltage: AC/DC 220V, AC/DC 110V0V O Motor rated vltage: DC220V, DC10V O Rated power of motor: Max 300W O Power consumption: < 2W O Power frequency withstand voltage: AC2.5KV 1min O Output contact: 1NO.3A, AC 250V O Protection: IP20 O Working temperature: -20C to +50°C O Dimensions: L*W*H=125*78*69 O Installation: door panel installation  


    Wiring diagram

    Installation hole size

    Indication of terminals for earthing switch





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