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  •   GN30-12 Three Phase Indoor Rotary High Voltage Disconnector with Connecting Knife
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GN30-12 Three Phase Indoor Rotary High Voltage Disconnector with Connecting Knife

Model: GN30-12


Extractable version Shake in/out with the door closed
Can be used in all types of facilities and equipment
Due to the limited number of components and the use of mass production systems for manufacturing, it has very reliable controllability
Easy and convenient maintenance
Multiple types of functional units that can be used for various solutions

Certificate: CE,Test reports
Production time: 7~ 12 working days
Warranty period: 12 Months
Delivery time: 15 days
Payment term: 50% deposit before production+50% balance before shipment(by T/T,D/P,Paypal)
  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • GN30-12 indoor rotary high voltage disconnector is a new type with rotary knife. The main structural formula is to fix two sets of insulators and contacts on the upper and lower planes of the three- -phase common low frame, realizing the opening and closing of the switch by rotating the knife. GN3-12D switch adds a form of connecting knife on the basis of GN30-12 to meet the needs of different power systems. This product is compact in design, small in space, strong in insulation, easy to install and adjust. It meets the requirements of "AC high voltage isolating switch and earthing switch", and is applicable to indoor systems with rated voltage up to 10 KV AC 50 Hz and below. It can be used as opening and closing circuit when there is voltage and no load. It can be used with high voltage switchgear or can be used alone.

    Model Meaning

    Working Condition

    O Altitude is not more than 1000m. O Air relative humidity: Daily average is not greater than 95%, monthly average is not greater than 90%. O Earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degree. O Locations free of serious dust, chemical corrosive and explosive substances. O Place without frequent and severe vibration.



  •          ltem Model Data GN30-12/400-12.5 GN30-12/630-20 GN30-12/1200-31.5 GN30-12/1250-31.5
    GN30-12D/400-12.5 GN30-12D/630-20 GN30-12/D1200-31.5 GN30-12D/1250-31.5
    Rated voltage(KV) 2
    Rated current(A) 400 630 1000 1250
    Thermally stable current (KV) 12.5 20 31.5
    Thermally stable time (s) 4
    Dynamic stable current (KV) 31.5 50 80
    Rated insulation level Lightning impulse (KV) Phase to phase,To earth 75,Between open contacts 85
    1 min Power frequency (KV) hase to phase.To earth 42.Between open contacts 48
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