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  •   12KV Air switch circuit breaker 1250A switch with disconnector and earthing
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12KV Air switch circuit breaker 1250A switch with disconnector and earthing



The VCB in the GIS cabinet is a high-voltage circuit breaker used to protect equipment and personnel in the power system from the effects of power system overload, short circuits, and ground faults. This device is suitable for power transmission and distribution systems ranging from 10 kV to 35 kV, and has the advantages of reliable short circuit protection, fast closing speed, and convenient operation. Its main components include mechanisms, electrical components, control circuits, etc. This device can be used alone or in conjunction with other electrical equipment, such as isolation switches.
  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • YFV-12KV-630A circuit breaker has the advantages of easy installation, ltte maintenance, long life, small size, low price, safety and reliability. This product meets technical requirements of GB1984-89, GB/T1984- -2003 "AC high voltage circuit breaker". Major loop: 630A- -20KA(4s)、25KA(3s), Mechanical life: 10000 times. Ground loop: 20KA(2s), Mechanical life: 20000 times.

    Product definition

    Working condition

    O Altitude is not more than 1000m, earthquake intensity is not more than 8 degrees. O Pollution resistance level: II.. O Ambient temperature: -40C ~+140% . relative humidity daily average≤90%, monthly average≤90%. O Frequently vibrating installation sites, places with water vapor, gas, chemical corrosive deposits, salt spray, dust and dirt, and fires, that significantly affect the performance of the mechanism and places with fire or explosion hazards are not suitable.  



  • No. ltem Unit Data
    1 Rated frequency Hz 50
    2 Rated current A 630
    3 Rated short time withstand current KA 20/25
    4 Rated peak withstand current KA 50
    5 Rated short circuit duration S 4
    6 Rated  short  circuit closing   current KA 50
    7 Rated  operation sequence O-0.3s-180s-CO

    Mechanical specification

    No. ltem Unit Data
    1 Circuit breaker main loop resistance ≤30
    2 Overtravel mm 2-3
    3 Spacing mm 8-10
    4 Bounce MS ≤2
    5 Opening  average speed m/s 0.6-1.4
    6 Closing average speed m/s 0.4-1.1
    7 Opening three phase asynchronous MS ≤2
    8 Closing three phase asynchronous Ms ≤2
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