•   24KV Withdrawable Metal-clad Enclosed Switchgear Distribution Cabinet KYN28-24KV
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24KV Withdrawable Metal-clad Enclosed Switchgear Distribution Cabinet KYN28-24KV

Model: KYN28-24KV


  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • KYN28- -24KV type indoor metal- enclosed swtichgear is suitable for three phase, AC 50/ 60Hz rated working voltage 24KV, rated working current 3150A and below. It is mainly used for power transmission of middle or small generators in power plants;power receiving and transmission for substations in power distribution and power system of industrial and mining enterprises,and starting of large high-voltage motor,etc., so as to control, protect and monitor. It has five-prevention locking function. The cabinet can be equipped with ZN63(VS1) vacuum circuit breaker or VD4 from ABB company. It is a kind of distribution device with superior performance.

    Working condition

    O Altitude: Not higher than 1000m; O Ambient temperature: Upper limit +40C,lower limit -15C,and average value is not higher than 35C in 24 hours. O Relative humidity: Daily average≤95%,monthly average≤90% O No obvious pollutions such as erosion or combustible gas; O No frequent violent vibrations, earthquake intensity not above 8- -magnitude; Note: The customers shall consult any deviations from normal service conditions with the manufacturer.

    Product difinition




  • Item Unit Data
    Rated Voltage KV 24
    Rated Current A 630/1250/1600/2000/2500/3150
    Rated Frequency Hz 50/60
    Insulation level Rated power-frequency withstand voltage(1min) KV 65/79 (to earth/phase to phase)
    Rated lightening impulse withstand voltage KV 125/145 (to earth/phase to phase)
    Rated short time withstand current KA 20/25/31.5
    4s Short-time withstand current (rms.) KA 20/25/31.5
    Peak withstand current (peak.) KA 50/63/80
    Cabinet Protection level IP3X

    Outline dimension(mm)

    Width Depth Height
    800 1810 2430
    1000 1810 2430
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