•   12KV Gas Insulated Cabinet YFRM6-12
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12KV Gas Insulated Cabinet YFRM6-12

Model: YFRM6-12


YFRM6-12 inflatable switchgear stands out for its fully sealed stainless steel shell, modular expandability, and adaptability to extreme environmental conditions. Designed for long-term reliability and safety, it boasts a 30-year lifespan when operated under specified indoor conditions of 20℃. Its versatility allows for flexible configurations, meeting various power supply needs while complying with international for assured quality.
  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • YFRM6-12 type inflatable switchgear is a completely sealed system while all live parts and switches are installed in a stainless steel shell. The entire switchgear will not be influenced by surroundings, ensuring operational reliability and personal safety, and maintenance- free operation. By combining expandable busbars, any combination can be achieved to realize full modularity. For extended busbar safety insulation and shielding, it is highly reliable and safe. The YFRM6-12 inflatable switchgear can also provide TV-based automation solutions, forming the concept of ineligent switches and minimizing on- site installation and commissioning. YFRM6-12 type inflatable switchgear is divided into non- -extended standard configuration and extensible standard configuration. It has extremely exceptional flexibility due to the combination of full and half modules and its own scalability. It has a long life for over 30 years operated under 20℃ indoor condition.

    Modular design

    YFRM is a modular design. The basic module units are load switch modules, combined electrical modules and other special function modules. Any combination of these modules formed a common box structure. In the combination, any function is approximately the same as the internal structure of the basic module.

    Normal use condition

    It is applicable in the place with high and low temperature (- -40°C- +40°C), humidity and salt. It can also be used in mine and the place with high altitude. Short term water in 24 hours does not affect the use. Note: If higher altitude, please specify the altitude.

    Product standard

    O International standard IEC60056、IEC60298、 IEC60129、 IEC60420、 IEC60265、 IEC60694 etc. O Chinese standard GB3804、GB3906、GB11022 etc.

    Flexible outlet and expansion

    All modules of YERM can realize side outlet and side expansion or connection and top extension connection according to users' requirements, which can meet the needs of power supply scheme to the utmost extent.  



  • ltem Unit C module F module V module CB module
    Load switch Combination appliance Vacuum switch Disconnect/ Earthing switch Vacuum circuit bregker Disconnect/ Earthing switch
    Rated voltage KV 12/24 12/24 12/24 12/24 12/24 12/24
    Power frequency withstand voltage KV 45/50 42/50 42/50 42/50 42/50 42/50
    Lightning impulse withstand voltage KV 95/125 95/125 95/125 95/125 95/125 95/125
    Rated current A 630/630 Note' 630/630 1250/630
    Closed loop breaking current A 630/630
    Cable charging breaking current A 135/135
    5%Rated active load breaking current A 31.5/-
    Earthing fault breaking current A 200/150
    Breaking current of cable charging during earthing fault A 115/87
    Short circuit breaking current KA Note² 20/16 25/20
    Ability of closing and opening KA 63/52.5 Note² 50/40 50/40 63/50 63/50
    Short-time withstand current 2s KA 25/-
    Short-time withstand current 3s KA -/21 20/16 20/16 25/20 25/20
    Mechanical life Time 5000 3000 5000 2000 5000 5000
    Note: 1) Depends on the current rating of the fuse; 2) Limited by high voltage fuses.
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