•   12KV Epoxy Resin Contact box CH7-12
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12KV Epoxy Resin Contact box CH7-12

Model: CH7-12


The contact box is a widely utilized electrical connection device in high-voltage circuits. Consisting of a body box, terminals, contacts, and other essential components, it enables effective interconnection between power sources and electrical equipment.
The versatility of contact boxes is truly remarkable, as they are widely employed in various industries such as lighting, electrical appliances, machinery, communication, and transportation. They are particularly suitable for situations that demand multiple electrical connections to various devices.
  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • The box body utilized in the contact box is commonly constructed from epoxy resin. This material is renowned for its remarkable sealing performance, enabling the prevention of external dust and moisture from entering the box, thus ensuring the reliability and long-term stability of electrical connections.
    The contact box's terminals are typically produced utilizing copper material and are treated with surface plating such as tin or silver. These treatments facilitate excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance, thereby guaranteeing the efficacy and longevity of electrical connections.
    The contacts of the contact box are crucial components that enable contact with electrical equipment. They are usually manufactured from materials such as stainless steel or copper, presenting superior conductivity, wear resistance, high temperature tolerance, and other properties. This ensures the stability of electrical signals and the transmission's reliability.



  • 1. Installation method: Plate installation
    2. Rated voltage: 12KV
    3. Model: CH7-12
    4. Wiring method: fixed guide rail
    5. Insulation material: epoxy resin
    6. Protection level: IP20
    7. Number of connectors: 12
    8. Color: Red
    9. Size: 195mm x 195mm x 225mm
    10. Weight: approximately 0.14kg
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