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April 15-19, 2024, we had the pleasure of attending the Guangzhou Canton Fair once again. The exhibition halls and venue were familiar to us, but our excitement was still palpable. This time around, we brought three heavyweights and an impressive collection of new products from our factories.

At the exhibition, we received questions and inquiries from visitors from different countries who were interested in the features and advantages of our products. Our team of experts provided detailed information about our entire range of switchgear and discussed specific requirements with the customers.We made sure to exchange business cards, and our USB catalog particularly caught their attention. Our mention of our facilities in Yueqing, WENZHOU also piqued their interest, and they expressed a keen desire to pay a visit.

Furthermore, many of our long-term customers made an appearance at the exhibition, creating an opportunity for us to nurture our existing relationships. We set common goals and discussed future projects together, resulting in an even stronger partnership.Striving towards a higher goal, the communication was very harmonious, deepening the trust.

Since our return, we’ve welcomed several new customers who were highly satisfied with our factories and workshops. Our complete production process and professional equipment have impressed our customers with our professionalism and they have expressed their willingness to work with us.

The exhibition was such a fantastic opportunity for us to establish new business contacts while also strengthening our existing partnerships. We were able to connect with other professionals in the electrical industry and gain valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies in the field.

Our outstanding performance at the Guangzhou Canton Fair further enhanced our reputation as a top-quality electrical manufacturer. We’re looking forward to welcoming potential customers to our new factories and to delivering our exceptional services and products to various industries and markets worldwide.

We’re excited to see you again at next Canton Fair and can’t wait to meet with you soon!

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