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Electrifying Success: Showcasing Innovation and Expansion at Canton Fair 2023 in Guangzhou

Post Time: 2023-10-15 17:03:08

Exhibition Date: October.15-19
Exhibition Name: Canton Fair
Exhibition City: Guangzhou

By participating and representing the Guangzhou Canton Fair. We showcased our products and services, including our latest products from our brand new, 30,000 square meter factory.

Our production value has now reached a 3 billion RMB, and our efforts in the foreign trade market have helped us achieve over 10 million US dollars in exports. At the trade fair, many interested clients left our booth satisfied after discussing their needs, viewing our sample products, and expressing an interest in visiting our new factory in Wenzhou Yueqing.

Our strong performance at the Guangzhou Trade Fair has further cemented our reputation as a leading producer of high-quality electrical goods. We are excited to welcome our potential clients for a closer look at our new factory and continue paving the way for us to serve more industries and markets around the world.

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