•   VCB Spring operation mechanism for vacuum circuit breaker switchgear
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VCB Spring operation mechanism for vacuum circuit breaker switchgear



The Spring operation mechanism adopts high-precision machining and professional design, which has the characteristics of reliable operation, compact structure, small volume, smooth operation, and long service life. When the power supply fails, it can still complete the operation of disconnecting and closing, which can meet the needs of customers and improve equipment reliability.
  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • This spring mechanism meets technical requirements of GB1984- 2003*high voltage AC circuit breaker". It matches 12T-/630T-20 series products. The mechanism has a reclosing function and the volume (size) is small. Rated voltage: DC220V、110V、 48V、 24V. Mechanism output angle: about 88° . Mechanical life: 10000 times.

    Product definition

    Operating specification

    O Energy storage operation Confirm the inspection of the product for transport deformation, fix the mechanism to the switch and insert it into the lower right part of the mechanism with a dedicated operating handle. Rotate clockwise (or charge the motor) till cracking sound occurs, which indicates the finish of energy storage. O Closing operation Press the green button, and the breaker switch is closed by the spring force of the mechanism. Or when the motor is operated, the closing operation of the closing coil charging mechanism is completed, and the opening spring is stored. At this time, the energy can be stored again but cannot be closed again (with interlock). O Opening operation Press the red button, and the breaker switch is opened by the spring force of the mechanism. Or when the motor is operated, the opening operation of the opening coil charging mechanism is completed.



  • 1. Rated voltage: 10kV or higher voltage level (1-52kV) to meet the needs of different grid voltage levels;
    2. Rated current: 630A, 1250A or higher current level to match the rated current of high-voltage switchgear;
    3. Mechanical lifespan: not less than 20000 times to ensure the long-term stable operation of the mechanism;
    4. Electrical lifespan: not less than 10000 times to ensure the safety and reliability of the mechanism at rated load;
    5. Manual operation force: less than 200N to ensure convenient operation;
    6. Working temperature: -40 ℃~+70 ℃ to adapt to different environmental conditions;
    7. Rated operating voltage, rated operating current, and time under different working modes to meet the different application scenarios and requirements of high-voltage switchgear.
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