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  •   12KV Indoor High Voltage Switchgear Cabinet Wall Bushing TG2-12-125×125
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12KV Indoor High Voltage Switchgear Cabinet Wall Bushing TG2-12-125×125

Model: TG2-12-125x125


Wall busing is a type of electrical equipment used to connect high-voltage cables to devices such as circuit breakers and transformers. Its main structure includes an inner cylinder, an outer cylinder, an insulating sleeve, a support ring, a support bucket, etc. It has the characteristics of high strength, resistance to breakdown, resistance to pollution flashover, and corrosion resistance.
  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • Wall bushing uses high-quality insulation materials, which have undergone high-temperature baking and spray painting treatment. Its appearance is smooth and beautiful, waterproof and dustproof, and wear-resistant. At the same time, the electrical performance is stable and reliable, and the wiring is convenient and fast, suitable for various power systems and places. We also provide personalized customization services, designing and producing according to customer needs to ensure that products meet customer requirements and standards. Good product quality and affordable price, welcome to purchase.



  • -Voltage level: 12kV
    -Current level: 125A
    -Maximum voltage: 42kV
    -Rated frequency: 50Hz
    -Insulation level: F level
    -Interface form: plug-in
    -Short time withstand voltage: 95kV
    -Supported load current: 160A
    -Protection level: IP67
    -External dimensions: 125mm x 125mm
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