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  •   ZN85-40.5 Indoor Handcart Vacuum Circuit Breaker with 300MM Phase Distance
  •   ZN85-40.5 Indoor Handcart Vacuum Circuit Breaker with 300MM Phase Distance
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ZN85-40.5 Indoor Handcart Vacuum Circuit Breaker with 300MM Phase Distance

Model: ZN85-40.5


  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • ZN85-40.5/T(3AV3)indoor handcart vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for three-phase,AC50Hz with 40.5KV ratedvoltage.It can be used for industrial and mining enterprises,power plants and substations as load current andoverload current fault current,and is suitable for the occasion with frequent operation. The circuit breaker adopts an upper and lower arrangement structure to effectively reduce the depth of thecircuit breaker.It adopts the composite insulation structure,the three-phase arc extinguishing chamber and theassociated electrified body.Separated by three independent epoxy insulation cases,the circuit breaker meets theair distance and creepage requirements under normal operating conditions after the composite insulation structureand it effectively reduces the size of the circuit breaker.The main conductive circuit vacuum interrupter and thedynamic and static conductive connection are installed in the insulation tube,so that the phase to phase distance isonly 300mm.The main circuit electrical connections are all fixed connections with high reliability.



  • No. ltem Unit Data
    1 Rated voltage KV 40.5
    2 Rated current A 1250 1600 2000、2500
    3 Rated short circuit breaking current KA 25 31.5 25 31.5
    4 Rated dynamic stability current (peak) KA 63 80 63 80
    5 4S thermal stability current KA 25 31.5 25 31.5
    6 Rated short circuit closing current (peak) KA 63 80 63 80
    7 Rated short circuit current breaking time Times 20
    8 Rated operating sequence O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
      9   Rated insulation level 1 min power frequency withstand voltage   KV 95
    Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) 185
    10 Mechanical life Times 10000
    11 Rated single capacitor bank opening and closing current A 630
    12 Rated back-to-back capacitor bank current A 400
    13 Rated voltage of energy storage motor V AC、DC:110;220
    14 Rated power of energy storage motor W ≤230
    15 Energy storage time of energy storage motor S ≤15
    16 Rated voltage of opening and closing coi V DC:110;220
    17 Rated current of opening and closing coil A 1.05(110V)0.96  (220V)
    18 Contact stroke mm 20±2
    19 Contact contact stroke mm 7.5±1.5
    20 Three-phase opening,closing phase asynchronous ms ≤2
    21 Contact closing bounce time ms ≤3
    22 The main circuit resistance (not include the contact arm) μ Q ≤40
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