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  •   High voltage SF6 load break switch for switchgear FLN48-12D/FLRN48-12D
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High voltage SF6 load break switch for switchgear FLN48-12D/FLRN48-12D

Model: FLN48-12D/FLRN48-12D


SF6 Load Break Switch is an important component of high-voltage switchgear, used for electrical circuit breaking, work switching, protective melting, and other operations in high-voltage electrical equipment to prevent overcurrent and short circuit faults from occurring in the circuit.
  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • This series of load switch is developed by our company in 2003 and is applied to XGN14-12SF6 ring main unit.it has high economy, safety, reliability, simple structure, flexible operation, reliable interlocking and convenient installation. It meets the standard of IEC60694、GB3804、GB16926 etc.

    Working condition

    O Ambient temperature: Max. +40°C ; Min.- -35°C . O Humidity: Maximum average relative humidity daily average:≤95%; monthly average:≤90%. O Altitude:≤2000m. O Seismic resistance:8 degree. O The surrounding air should be free from corrosive, flammable gases, water vapor, etc., and should not be subjected to frequent and severe vibrations. O Annual leaKAge rate:≤0.1%.

    Product definition




  • ltem Unit FLN48-12D/T630-20 type load switch FLRN48-12D/125-50 type load switch-fuse combination unit
    Rated voltage KV 12 12
    Rated frequency Hz 50 50
    Rated current A 630 125
    l min Power frequency withstand voltage,to earth,phase to phase/Fracture KV 42/48 42/48
    Lightning impulse withstand voltage,to earth,phase to phase/Fracture KV 75/85 75/85
    5min Zero gauge pressure rated power frequency withstand voltage KV 24 24
    Rated thermal stability current 3s/2s load switch/earthing switch KA 20/20 20/20
    Rated dynamic current(peak)load switch/earthing switch KA 50/50 50/50
    Rated short circuit closing current load switch/earthing switch KA 50/50 125/50
    Rated closed-loop breaking curreni A 630
    Rated active load breaking curren A 630
    Rated cable charging breaking currenl A 10 10
    Rated short circuit breaking current KA 50*
    Rated transfer currenl A 1700
    Fuse type XRNT-12KV/100A*
    Fuse impact output energy J 1±0.5
    Mechanical life load switch/earthing switch Times 5000/200 3000/2000
    Air insulation distance between charged body and to earth mm ≥125 ≥125
    SF6 gas pressure(20℃ relative pressure bar 0.4 0.4
    Opening and closing synchronization Ms ≤2 ≤2
    Main loop resistance μφ ≤65 ≤65
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