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  •   12KV Distribution Cabinets Metal-clad Switchgear KYN28-12KV
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12KV Distribution Cabinets Metal-clad Switchgear KYN28-12KV

Model: KYN28-12KV


The KYN28-12KV removable AC metal-clad switchgear, crafted through advanced foreign technology, caters to 3.6~12KV, 3-phase AC50Hz networks. Its robust design withstands diverse environmental challenges, featuring impeccable prevention against misoperation. The panel, designed for varied configurations, embodies an enclosed, armored structure with exceptional build quality, utilizing precision CNC machining for improved strength. Its features include arc-proof design, interlocking safety measures, and a comprehensive protection system meeting stringent standards and passing rigorous tests, including electromagnetic compatibility and plateau tests at 3000m altitude.
  • General
  • Technical Parameter
  • KYN28- -12KV removable AC metal- clad switchgear (short for switchgear as below) is a new product designed and developed by our company. It is based on the introduction of advanced foreign design and manufacturing technology. Applied to 3.6~12KV, 3- -phase AC50Hz network, the panel is used for the reception and distribution of power energy and the system' s control, monitor and protection. It can be arranged for single busbar, single busbar sectionalized system and double busbar. The panel meets IEC298“ AC Metal Enclosed Switch and Control Equipment above 1KV and below 52KV" . IEC 694 “Standard Common Clauses for High Voltage Switchgear”, DIN.VDE“ AC Switchgear at Rated Voltage above 1KV" , GB3906“ 3~35KV AV Metal Enclosed Switchgear”and so on. It has perfect and reliable prevention against misoperation.

    Working condition

    O Ambient temperature: -25°C~+45C, daily average:≤35°C O Altitude: 1000m (Standard); can up to 4500m for special ordering; O Relative humidity: Daily average≤95%, monthly average≤90%; O Earthquake intensity≤8 degree; O Applicable occasions should be free from inflammables, explosives, corrosives and severe vibration.

    Product difinition

    Note: Suitable for ABB/ Siemens, Schneider etc. brands of vacuum circuit breakers.

    Products feature

    O This product is applicable for our own made GPVN-12KV embedded or insulating sleeve vacuum circuit breaker or ABB's VD4 vacuum circuit breaker. O We produce and configure GPVC vacuum contactor- fuse combination or ABB company's VC vacuum contactors, which can be composed of F-C loop cubicle, to meet electricity system of power plants and. O The cabinet adopts double bending process and excellent aluminum -zinc steel plate produced by precision CNC machining equipment, which improve its strength. O The door surface adopts epoxy resin electrostatic powder spray process, with resistance of corrosion, oxidation and impact and strong adhesion. O The cabinet with enclosed structure is fully armored and the function units are completely separated. When the door is closed, it can achieve the operation of circuit breaker and earthing switch. O Precision screw drive mechanismensures the chassis with good interchangeabiliy. O The perfect primary plan meets the various needs of users and enables double chassis plan. O Fast grounding switch for earthing and short circuits achieves elecric Motorized) operation. O Simple and effective“Five Protection"interlocking device can reliably prevent misuse and ensure operator's safety. O lt is arc- proof type. There are pressure relief devices on the top bus compartment, vacuum circuit breaker compartment and cable terminal compartment. O Cable compartment has enough space so it can be easy to connect several cab;es and ensure the right insalation height of the cable plug. O It has strict protection rating(IP4X) to effectively prevent foreign matter or pest invasion. O The security monitoring device of the optional secondary system has a self- diagnostic function and computer with data communication and intelligent .integration, to achieve remote control, telemetry, viewing and adjustment. O lt meets GB3906, GB/T11022, DL404 and IEC62271-1 standard, and passes a comprehensive test and plateau test (3000m). O It passes electromagnetic compatibility tests in the high voltage equipment test laboratory.  



  • ltem Unit Data
    Rated voltage KV 6~12
    Rated frequency Hz 50/60
    Rated current A 630~4000
    Rated insulation level 1min power frequency(Phase to earth /across open contacts) KV 42/48
    Lightning impulse withstand voltage (Phase to earth/across open contacts) KV 75/85
    Main busbar rated current A 1250,1600,2000,2500,4000
    Sub-busbar rated current A 630,1250,1600,2000,2500,3150
    Rated short time withstand current(4s) KA 16,20,25,31.5,40,50
    Rated peak withstand current KA 40,50,63,80,100,125
    Protection degree Enclosure IP4X,IP2X(VCB door opened)
    Outline dimension(width/depth/height) mm 650(800,1000)/1500(1300,1670,2000)/2300
    Weight KG 500~1200

    Outline dimension(mm)

    Width Depth Height
    800 1810 2430
    1000 1810 2430
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